Are Us Airports Really That Bad?

The US President-elect says that American airports are worse than those of 3rd world countries, and as we all know, Trump speaks the truth 100% of the time!
Well according to the rankings mentioned in the article, he spoke it that time. OR, the media is filling us with BS which is a slight possibility.
The only gripe I have is that with ALL the lovely TSA regulations, the only people who have ever stolen my bag have been TSA employees. I find that they are no more than regular security people but with special permissions to be more rude and invasive. Note, the majority of them are not like this. But, I preferred the Pre TSA security checks. I dont feel safer with TSA, just more vulnerable to them taking advantage of stealing. That has been my experience.
I just flew from San Antonio to Houston to Bogota yesterday. Hardly any line at the checkpoint; although I have TSA Pre-check I never seem to be able to use it. Yesterday I found out - my NEXUS Card shows my middle name; my reservation does not! All because of a middle name!

I started flying in 1970 when I first joined the navy. In the last 46 years I've watched the quality of the domestic airline service in the US diminish quite a bit; smaller seats, less leg room, pay for almost everything except for that two bite bag of cheap pretzels! International Flights are much better - last summer we flew 15-1/2 hours on Air India from Chicago to New Delhi. The lavatories were as clean on landing as on departure, flight attendants very polite and a good flight. My flight from Houston to Bogota on United yesterday was ok but the inflight meal was nt very good.

Enough of the flights but more on the airports. When I was with Customs we used to refer to TSA as "Thousands standing around, taking scissors away..." TSA suffers the same as other LE organizations in there are badge heavy idiots and thieving fools but the vast majority are mere trying to do their job. It doesn't help that there are some very arrogant and rude travelers either.

All US Airports are bad" during peak travel times I.e. The holidays when lines are very long. For normal flight times I try to arrive three hours early but for the holidays? Four hours plus works. Some of the ruder places I've flown are Newark, NJ, Atlanta, and O'Hare; the people of the airports are representative of the people of the city. The ruder the people in a city the ruder the airport staff can be.

I have two artificial knees so I am a one man alarm tripper at security; at Argentine, Colombian, Mexican, and other foreign airports this isn't an issue; at Detroit one time, sent for a pat down, I was wearing shorts and the screener actually tried to pat down my bare skin..I did have to correct him on that!
I remember passing through LAX as a youngish white harmless looking backpacker before 9/11 and thinking 'WTF?!'

The old security guy treated me like I'd just killed his dog. I cannot imagine the treatment 'Araby' looking people get these days.
No problem.

Living in the USA she can now sue the airport security company for $20 000 000
There is no "airport security company". She would have to sue the TSA, which is a US government agency. If she happens to win the lawsuite, guess who will end up footing the bill? The taxpayer. So, no one who works there gives a damn.
I still say that for sensational thrills you can't beat landing at Congonhas
and for sheer chaos in going out from the departure gate to board a bus to your plane out on the runway Garulioos both in Sao Paulo
It's like taking a subway at Times Square in NYC at the height of rush hour only worse and I like Brazil.
The airline attendant told me to stick close to him and follow him to the right bus because they could change the gate # at the last minute and I might not hear it over the din of the crowds.