Argentina or Brazil


For my senior year of high school I would like to be an exchange student. I know a good amount of spanish and have always been interested in BA,but also Brazil has grabbed my attention.
In your opinion which of the two is safer,has better education,nightlife,food,and generally nice/fun people.


Argentina. Cheaper living and easier immigration. Plenty of desperate people looking for your cash in both countries but Argentina feels safer to me. Only downside is the weather is seasonal, meaning you get cool winters and blasting summers. Many places in Brasil have constant warm weather.
Your spanish will also have limited use in Brasil. A plus for Brasil is the diverse type of people and cultures. Quite different in the north and central compared to the richer south like Rio and Sao Paulo.
There's other places to live in Argentina besides BA. Rosario and Mendoza are university towns from what I hear.