Argentina: Tierra Amor y Venganza - Cristina strikes again?



Sounds like the lover is denying the murder saying the victim dropped him off at home before going on his way.

The economic motive does not really make too much sense. The young men involved are from well-off families. Violent crimes for economic motives are unheard of in El Calafate and unlike some of Argentina there is no abject poverty in the town - the entire community there is in shock... It is not like this happened in La Matanza.

But trust in the prosecutor, I'm sure she has the whole case, verdict, and judgment worked out already.

Interestingly the government has already issued a statement aimed at silencing discussion or criticism on the case, the same day as they receive a warning from the Inter American Press Society about recent harassment and intimidation of journalists.

Looks like we are entering the vacuum where anything goes.
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D.B. Cooper

I like how the mother and daughter duo sneaked back into the country from Cuba while everybody was looking the other way dealing with the pandemic. Nice move!..Now the VP has launched a political witch-hunt going after Marcri's former aids on BS wiretapping charges. This after letting out of prison most of her former aids who were serving hard time on various crimes. Meanwhile “Sleepy Al” is quarantined in Olivos, is there any doubt who is running the country?. These are the people who want to take over the Vicentin empire. Brings new meaning to the term “organized crime family”.


Given the circumstances of this case, in any civilized and decent country, “organized crime” would certainly be a motive to be investigated, including links to anyone in power who has grounds to hold a grudge. It’s amazing how this option was not even put on the table and even implying that it should gets labeled as “miserable” by the current president. It’s a “crime of passion with economic motive” si or si before we even have so much as DNA evidence.

I mean, it’s Mafia 101 and even covered in “How to be a mobster for dummies” - make it look like an accident / robbery / crime of passion/ suicide. And lord knows we have seen all of the above befall those who have come into her orbit. Argentina, the shining star of truth and justice.


For anybody who Is interested in the case Lanata's TV program PPT is on tonight at 22.
It's on channel 13, channel 14 on Telecentro. The show is broadcast live so I'm sure he is going to have something to say about it.
It's good investigative reporting.
Of course i agree with your view that free press and investigative reporting are essential in a functioning society / democracy.

The point here is: it doesnt really matter here in Argentina. Lets just assume for the sale of argument there would be a 100% prove that K is behind this murder: it wouldn’t change one single thing. They wouldnt lose one single vote over this. Peronism is like a sectarian movement.

so as antipodean said in his initial post: the whole thing is nothing like a pop corn show.