Argentina vs Brazil at Sullivan´s Irish Pub


Nov 15, 2021
Hi guys I´m thinking about going to watch the soccer game later at night at Sullivan´s. Whose in? Maybe meeting at 19:00 to make sure to have sits before the soccer game starts. Sullivan is a bar in Palermo Soho, they usually stream the most important soccer games, NFL fights, Basketball, and more. Who´s in?

Here is the address: El Salvador 4919
Hoping I can make it down to join! Let me know how to find you in the bar :)
Ey man! Sure! I´ll get there a little bit later. I´m the guy with a Canada Hat.
I am curious if Sullivan's will show the Rugby game between Ireland and Argentina?
I think they do. But you can always give them a call 4832-6442
For football / soccer games (international games, Champions League, Premier League etc) Gibraltar Pub in San Telmo is a safe bet. I am sure they also show this rugby game (although Argentina vs Ireland will probably be widely shown as the Pumas are very popular here)