argentine people are the worlds most stylish and beautiful people


Nov 30, 2006
Im doing this post as a testimony of the beauty that I see around me every day in this most stylish city. Portenos of most classes are well dressed elegant in their manners keep their bodies in good shape and always use`plenty of deodarant.
I remember living in Usa for one year in washington dc and I was shocked at how badly dressed american and lacking in self respect americans are. The obesity there was criminal and they seem to think it was normal to walk down the streets with ugly stomachs hanging over shorts chomping on hot dogs as they stomp the sidewalks.
In Ba even women of 70 look beautioful and have a charm very seldom seen anywhere else
Oh please!!! Give these types of threads a rest okay?
Ok well, I love Argentina but I'm about to get negative (a rairty for me), so Tanghetto you may not want to read further...
USA does have horrible obesity rates, but Argentina has horrible eating disorder rates. Yes a lot of the Argentines appear thin, but it's not through healthy means. Thin doesn't necessarily equal healthy. There's a lot of "skinny fats" walking around here -- ie people that are thin but have a high body fat to muscle ratio. You only have to come to my gym and watch people work out and listen to the trainers to understand that women here still have a silly fear of putting on muscle because they think they will get all bulky. They are slave to cardio not realising that if they put on some muscle they'd actually raise their metabolism.
Also, diabetes is hugely on the increase in Argentina just as it is everywhere else in the world. The culprit here as anywhere is unhealthy eating habits and the pervasiveness of processed foods that make huge use of trans-fats (hydrogenated oil) and high glucose corn syrup: you see it in patys, milanesas, processed alfajores & custard-filled facturas, store-bought flans and cakes, Coca-cola consumed at the rate that water should be, and all of those different types of puffed corn snacks -- don't remember the name but they are basically a ball of transfat.
Women who are in their 70s right now may look good, but as the diet in Argentina continues to change to more and more processed foods and the use of transfats the population is going to see a shift in obesity and diabetes statistics just like the rest of the world -- in fact, if you've been reading the papers you'll see that it already is. The younger generations of Argentines are going to face just as many health problems as the States is currently seeing if they don't start changing their diets.
I routinely gasp as I watch my boyfriend (who's father is diabetic) put 4 tablespoons of sugar into his coffee each morning. I am trying to get him to slowly cut back but it's not really having much effect!
For one thing, adding a serving of vegetables to any meal could help out with reducing colon cancer rates throughout the country. A serving of vegetables is not one slice of of a morron, and potatoes are NOT vegetables -- they are starch, ie sugar -- the only nutrients are in the skin, and I don't see many people eating the skins at all. Same with calabaza (which I love) the nutrients are in the skin, not the flesh -- the flesh is high on the glycemic index.
Children here are not given suficient classes in nutrition (not that they are in the rest of the world either, but I know school boards in Britain and the States are waking up to the problems and are starting to take steps to change eating habits of adolescents).
Since I'm being negative about diet, how about charm -- as nice as the Argentines are amongst their friends, I can't tell you how many times I've held a door open for these "beautiful women of 70 years old" and never once received a "Gracias". A lot of these women that "look beautiful" must have a huge dose of snobbery injected along with their Botox.
"tanghetto" said:
Im doing this post as a testimony of the beauty that I see around me every day in this most stylish city. Portenos of most classes are well dressed elegant in their manners keep their bodies in good shape and always use`plenty of deodarant.
Does this include piqueteros??? ;-)
Compared to the average american diet, Argentine's seems by far vegeterian don't you think so?. Just think, the average american starts its day on donuts and muffins and omelettes (How many calories have you already counted so far?), argentines on tostadas, we will not indulge on big mac except for special occasions, the size of the meals both in restaurants and in households is one third in Argentina, we don't use (in general) those dressings that come with the Caesar Salads and so on but on average use Olive Oil, which in the USA, they will tend to look at you as Alien if you ask for Oil and Vinegar.........I could go on for ages but it's not the point.....
Pizzas are greasy (and in my personal view taste terribly), veggies seem frozen, meat is impossible and tastes also terrible. Everything is prefrozen, precooked.
Sorry, with no intention of entering into conflict but we have a long long way to reach the american diet. Just compare the obesity rates. The numbers speak for themselves. By 2040 more than half the american population will be obese, this includes children.
Ever been to Paris, Rome, or even Rio?
Pretty women, stylish, very well dressed, thin, we could mention tons of them, from celebrities like Letitia Casta, Deneuve, Bertolucci, Loren, Kinski, Isabella Rosellini, (many of the latter well above 40) to the unknown.....And what about the russians who have coped the international scene? Think of Vodionoba.....That is style (for me, style is VERY personal)
But really when it comes to style: French women beat them all, excellent skin, no exaggeration when it comes to dying the hair, (argentine women are all blond!), and a cool wardrobe, like if they didn't care but they took care to make the assemblage, they might be wearing a jean and a sweater but it's the jean and the sweater.
But really to speak about argentine style when we have so many nazarenas here and there........with their mouths done like trout fish, their hair blond as scandinavians, their jeans three sizes smaller, their bobs as Pamela Anderson........mmmmmmm
you are watching the wrong channel
I agree. Northern European women rock! In my opinion, they look more refined than the average Mediterranean. Scandinavian, German and Dutch girls are among my favorite. Eastern Europeans (Polish etc) ain't bad either.
But of course, this is just a matter of tastes...
I agree with Bill in giving these threads a rest. However, this one really got on to me.
Have you ever heard the saying "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"
1. As part argentine I am: your comment on "argentine people are the worlds most sytlish" makes me feel sorry for you - your comment sounds "typically argentine pedantic" . It seems like you need to attack to make your point. Do I sense some kind of resentment?
2. As a Fashion Designer, Professor and a Consultant who has lived, travelled and studied abroad, specializing in the Anthropology of Fashion. You seem to have no idea what style is about. If you call everyone dressing alike, faces that stretch like Jim Carey's "Mask" making anyone wonder where did I see this face before? Girls who have their breast done at age 15 and 70 year-old"s who can't take their years gracefully and so on... so on... stylish:
Excuse me! you have no idea of fashion, which by the way is an art and not a trend. One year in DC is not enough and living most of the time nw in DC trust me, their are some very elegant and beautiful women. Suggestion: travel instead of going on shopping tours and read. I highly, recommend "The History of Beauty" by Humberto Ecco.
Style has to do with personality and identity, as Syngirl so finely states in other words something I see Argentine's, especially those in their latter years, do not want to face.
3. As an obese person who is her normal weight. Your remarks are absolutely discriminatory and distastesful . For obesity is an illness and since argentines are so "mean" yes, "mean" to obese people or any other who don't fall into their social standards, it makes your comment totally disrespectful- again, something very common here. Whereas in other countries is WHO YOU ARE what counts and not what you look like, which by the way, is the core of true style.
Unfortunately, Obese people in Argentina have to hide inside their homes in order not to be mocked by those who consider themselves beautiful (???) Maybe that is why you don't see so many obese people on the streets as you find in the States. Just check the number of obese people who marched the other day claiming the government to consider it an illness , which the WHO ( world health organization) already has.
Also, the rate of obesity in children that is increasing here is alarming!!!!
4. Tanghetto: It's people who express themselves like you who make me feel sorry I was ever born here. Fortunately, I am meeting some who are really trying to make a change.
5. A+ For all you who wrote in this thread.
Yet more bitching and whining....yawn!
Everyone has a right to their opinion, but these forums are simply spiralling downwards into a micro examination of Argentines and Argentina, with the end result being a reflection of the original poster's inner insecurity.
Come on people, let's start enjoying ourselves. I'm off for a swim now.......:)