Arrived in San Telmo 2 weeks ago


Oct 20, 2009
Hi, I'm Annabel. Me and my young family arrived in Buenos Aires 2 weeks ago now. We will be staying in San Telmo until Christmas before leaving for Cordoba.
A bit about me... I'm 35. A young 35 of course ;-) I was a photographer / interior designer buying and selling property in London, before recently having a baby. Now my lovely argentinian husband, whom i met in London, myself and our lovely 10 month old young daughter have come to Argentina for 6 months, for a reckie if you like, in order to see if we might like to move to Buenos Aires in a few years time. How lucky I feel to have such an opportunity. I'm loving San Telmo's beautiful old buildings, antique shops and cobbled streets. In awe of the double height ceilings in our old flat. I also love fashion, (vintage clothing especially), drawing, going to gallery's, sitting in traditional old cafes looking out the window and watching the world go by. Would love to meet an accomplice with similar tastes whom i could practice my Spanish with, drink coffee and stare out of picturesque windows. Have aspirations of learning the tango and becoming fluent in Spanish. But then don't we all? ;-)
Welcome Annabel! I'm Rachel, sending you a PM with my info - cafes, vintage clothes and architecture are all loves of mine and would love to meet up for a coffee sometime. I'm never in San Telmo so it would be a good excuse for me to get out of my neighborhood :)

(But I'm not sure you want to be practicing your Spanish with me - my accent is not one that should be imitated. :eek:)
hey Annabel,welcome to BA. I moved here 5 years ago and married my Argentine wife and we have 2 lovely young boys here in San Isidro,drop us a line..I,ve been on the BApubcrawl in San Telmo,hic!!a few times.great fun,regards Hi Rachel .love to hear that accent of yours..

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Somehow despite being from the US, I have picked up what can only be described as an Italian accent when speaking Spanish. And apparently my English has changed as now Americans think I'm European.

I'm not sure speaking badly in multiple languages is something of which to be proud, hence my caution to Annabel:p:eek:
Hehe.The locals here think I,m German!!!!Noooooooooo!!just because I have fair do you do here in BA Rachel?
Oh yes, the German thing. I get it all the time (blond hair & blue eyes = German apparently).:D

I'm a global program manager, working remotely for a US company and have a project here (along with several other countries).

How about you?