Bank transfer hasn't arrived after 3 weeks

An Argentine friend transferred a large sum (using a major Argentine bank and doing it en blanco) from the sale of property to a US bank account. This was three weeks ago. The money has not arrived. Seems the wrong account number was entered. After endless attempts to rectify the situation the money still has not arrived. Any idea what the friend can do to get the money?
WHO entered the Wrong account number? your Friend or the Argentine Bank ?
It may take some time to retrieve the money and then rectify the situation.
My friend gave the bank the correct information. The bank said that someone in the bank entered the wrong information. What do you mean by "take some time" to get the money? Just what can he do? You'd think that a transfer through a major bank would be the safest way to transfer money! It''s a large sum.


Which bank is it? He needs to get in touch with a manager. If the transfer doesn't go through or for whatever reason needs to be reversed it should go back to his account of origin. However hat can take a few days. Was it a direct transfer or there was an intermediary bank?
just find out who the bank manager is and then murder him. jail life can't be too bad knowing someone paid with their life for your lost money.
It's really a very serious matter. If lost the it would have a lifetime devastating effect. I was seriously wondering if anyone had practical advice.
I wasn't joking, I would be so devastated that I probably seek revenge if someone decided to siphon my life-savings into their offshore account, especially considering the fact that police in this country wouldn't care to help. After that, I would try to escape the consequences by running away to Paraguay via one of those illegal crossings in Misiones province, and once there I could recover my lost money by becoming a drug dealer, I would have nothing to lose.
All advise counts, however doubt that the answer will come out of this Forum.....! (Write a letter to Clarin /Readers Complaints Section)
I have done real estate transactions for over 10 years and its very rare that there is a delay in a legal transfer of funds . In the olden days with the cepo cambaria I only used reputable casa de cambios and at most two or three days the money was transferred in the recepients account . I used banks very rarely in those day as the paperwork was horrendous and dollar transactions were virtually impossible . I have heard of others who had bad experiences with banks and delays up to two or three months but all of them were resolved .

Since 2016 bank transfers have been very easy and I have done many officially through many banks and 48 hours was the maximum time for the transfer to be effected .

In your case Chris the bank must pay you a compensation for their mistake and the unreasonable delay in the transfer . I am sure this will be resolved .