ATM - No cash dispensed but charged anyway


Jan 23, 2009
Hi All,

Last night I attempted to withdraw pesos from the Banco de la Nacion branch in San Telmo at Carlos Calvo & Irigoyen. I've used this ATM about twice before with no problems.

Unfortunately about 3/4 the way thru the process it rather abruptly said "your transaction has been completed" and returned my card to me - but no cash. This was at night so the bank itself was closed (this is an indoor 'swipe' ATM).

I had a look at internet banking today (my european bank) and yup.. I've been charged for the full amount of the (failed) withdrawal. I've kicked off a 'disputed ATM withdrawal' request with them but I can already tell (a) it'll take forever (b) they most likely don't give a cr*p and this is paper-filing formality.

Anyone been in a smiilar position here? I'm debating whether its pointless going in to the Banco de la Nacion branch itself today - unfortunately my spanish is more at the "hi how how are you?" level rather than the customer complaint level!

Any thoughts/input appreciated, Cheers.
I have experience with local cards/banks, and it is some paperwork but eventually the client gets his money back. I believe it should be the same with a foreign card. Go to the Banco Nacion where it happened (preferably with someone that speaks Spanish) and remember to take the receipt slip the ATM gives you, without this it will be much more difficult to identify the failed operation.
Same thing happened to me in 2001(when everything exploted here), Citibank in Belgrano. I got a business card from the manager, with his signature and the problem stated in the back of the card and called inmediately Bank of America.(free collect call to the US)

Next business day, BOA credited the money in my account and started and investigation. I was warned by them that, if it was my fault, BOA would withdraw the same amount from my account in the future.; that never happened and 6 months later I received a letter from them telling that they found out it was Citibank's fault in Argentina.

Bottom line: Banks in Argentina are horrible.
Had the same thing happen to me a month or two ago (luckily during the day). I only received a portion of the amount I withdrew but the receipt said the full amount had been withdrawn. I talked to the bank manager, explained what had happened and he asked me to come back in 2 hours. They verified the ATM was "over" that amount, he had me sign a letter and I received the remainder of the cash.

Go to the bank, (again, bring someone with you that speaks Spanish), explain what happened and have the receipt, etc. They should be able to verify the discrepancy and give you the remainder of the cash. But you need to do it ASAP if you haven't already.
NEVER EVER use an ATM machine at night. Yes, you´re not a toursit, but what if you were leaving town and couldn´t go to the bank the next day?
Good point about not using an ATM at night - I will definitely remember that in future.

Maybe I wasn't clear enough in my original post, but the transaction bailed-out during the process, long before "do you want a receipt" etc - hence I don't have one. It's the not having a factura in conjunction with my sucky castellano that made going into the Bank feel like a rather futile option. At least my european bank can see the transaction etc.

Thanks for the input.
if you are a tourist ( like me) and you need to leave before you sort that out, then you let your own bank to sort it out. They have a responsibility to do that when you do a reclamation.
Soma, how did it go with Banco Nacion? Were you able to get your money back? What was the procedure like? Thank you.