Atms Up Again?

1. Maximum single withdrawal - A couple of days ago I got $3000 pesos using a local card at a Banelco ATM. I am going to try a higher amount next time. A friend in Cordoba city tells me that he withdraws $4000 pesos (single transaction) from LINK ATMs quite regularly. Try your luck.

2. Maximum withdrawal amount / number per day - It surely depends on the limits set by the card issuing bank.

3. Withdrawal fee for foreign cards - No idea, sorry. I have been using only a local card for some time.

I guess ATMs on bank premises have higher possibilities of having the maximum withdrawal limit.
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In the UK, I can go to inside the bank and withdraw money directly from teller/cashier. Is that possible here to avoid the ATM fee? I am glad I don't use ATMs here.
You could go inside an Argentine bank and withdraw money directly from the teller if you had an account with that bank but you would also be able to use that banks ATMs (at any branch) without incurring any charges.

If you use an Argentine debit card it at a different bank's ATM in Argentina you may be charged a fee by your own bank. The same goes just for checking your balance.