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Mar 21, 2007
I know this topic has popped up many times. Anyway, a short while back someone was kind enough to post the phone numbers for Visa International. I have lost them and searched the forum for that particular post. Can't find it. Anyone have the link. Thanks
Glad to repost
Same old problem p$300 limit and charging for every withdrawal. I have contacted Visa international and they said that they will escalate the issue, I don't belive them, but if more people contact them eventually they have to listen.
You can ring them on 0014105817931 or try freephone 08006660171
They all say it is Visa South America that is the problem, so lets not give them any peace until we have free access to our money
Hi,with my old visa card I had never the 300 $arg problem. There was a limit of 500 $arg per transaction. But now I have a renewed card and there will be that 300 $arg problem because VISA have a standard cash limit of 300 Euro/US$/whatever per day on cashers outside of the state where the card is issued.
So the problem is that the limit is maybe hardcoded on the machines here in South America without to know which currency the card will have. But it seams that this is only a Argentina problem because in Uruguay I had never that problem to get several 100.000 out of the casher.
Yesterday I have spoken with my bank (from where is the card) and they told me that I have the possibility to upgrade my limit of my card like to each amount I want to have. So this should be enough to get like 1000 Pesos out here in BsAs if I grow up the limit to 1000 Euro :)bye schef4711
the only problem are the costs of the transactions because my bank will cash 4% of the amount from the cashers but with actual interbank rate which is even better as ATM cards that mostly have only interbank less 3% rate but the commission amount too :eek:)
So right now with 300 $arg I am at the moment a little bit over the minimum commission level :)
bye schef4711
I opened a HSBC current account last year, and this time tried to use it for withdrawals. I was allowed $1000 from a link machine so it was quite sucsessful.
I do not know what my limit would be or what the charges are yet, but when I know more I will keep you posted.
T Bob
thank you. Let's keep this alive. I suspect that this an Argentina thing, as ripping off the tourist is a full time sport here. Did you open the HSBC account in the States [over the internet or on location]. I have spoken to Visa International again and they try to blame my bank BofA. However BofA says....No, it's Visa Int. specifically Argentina. Also and FYI, I have friends here who use a WAMU Master ATM card and regularly draw $1500 pesos at a crack and do not get hit with the $5 USD foreign ATM fee only a 2% currency trans fee.
The best way I have found is this - (works for HSBC)
Call your bank in your home country and raise the daily limit to USD$1500 - get them to confirm this.
Then go to the Bank/Banelco and you can withdraw with your home country *debit* card the peso equivalent (AR$3 * USD$1500 = AR$4500).
The banks either give you a crappy rate or a % charge - either way they tax you.
And don't use one of these half-baked/homespun/grocery banks here - use the big four international banks.
Is your HSBC debit card a Visa or Master Card?
It is a HSBC *debit* card (cirrus/maestro) - use this type of card.
Visa/Mastercard is a different card and is a *credit* card.
Visa 'debit' (electron or whatwever) is still credit - like 'prepay' credit - don't mistake them.
Don't use Visa/Mastercard they, and the providing bank rip you off for every pedantic penny. But thats what they do and are clear about it.
ok, with my new limit of 600 Euro on my VISA card there is no change ... only 300 Pesos for each transaction :( so it is surely a problem with VISA Argentina.Maybe I will go to there office here in BsAs :)bye schef4711
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