Aussies In Buenos Aires


Apr 30, 2009
Hi all,

We are a young family who have been living in Buenos Aires for 7 weeks, and will be here until the end of September. As our name refers to - we're Australians (from Melbourne). :D

We have 2 young girls (oldest is 3 and youngest is 10mths), and would love to catch up with other families who have kids that are similiar ages. Primarily to provide our children with some interaction with other kids.
We live in Retiro (near the corner of Suipacha and Arroyo), and would love to hear from anyone else who has young children and lives in the area. If a 'play' group or anything like this exists, we would be interested in hearing from you.

My wife is a shopaholic, and would also love to meet someone who shares her passion for shopping, but also has the patience/ability to take children with them whilst they trawl this great city for bargains... If you have children - you'll know what I'm referring to! :)

Look forward to hearing from you.
not looking to hijack your thread AIBA but was wondering how you handled medical insurance. i'm coming over jan next year from Perth Australia on a tourist visa and was looking for some Oz relevant info as the other threads seem to be US-centric.
We're looking for the same thing for our daughter (3.5 years), in particular exposure to English-speaking children, although we speak one of the other variations of English (we moved from the US in September :) We're at Cerrito and Libertador, so just a couple of blocks away. Unfortunately (for you not me!), my wife detests shopping, so we'll have to work something else out. How about an outing to Plaza San Martin? Our daughter also loves Bosque de Palermo which is a quick colectivo ride from this area. Anyone else in the area?

I'll send a private message to you with email details.
Hi paradox & AussiesInBA.
Im also from melbourne, I live here, however not in Capital nor do I have any children. Shopping is not always as cheap here as it looks! Quality leather garments are probably cheaper than Australia however really cheap things, are generally exactly that. Bad quality. Still, I still love a day's shopping and im sure Mrs AussiesInBA will too!
Paradox if you are coming over for a holiday you should be able to source travel insurance from home. I used to work for STA Travel and we sold QBE travel insurance that covered medical. When I went on a 6month trip last year I used world nomads online, they were the cheapest with a good policy. I did have to make a claim for a stolen item and that was completely hassle free. They're underwritten by Allianz in australia I believe.
If you want to look into medical cover from an Argentine company I can offer you OSDE which is the company I have (through my work). Swiss Medical Centre is also another big one and I believe most of the clinics have some English speaking staff.