New 1 year work visa for Aussies under 30


Nov 1, 2011

This looks pretty good although the article has little information and the embassy websites aren't updated yet from what I see. But if its the same as the europe work holiday visa you just send off your passport with a few docs and they send it back easy as that.

I wonder if you can still get it if your passport is full of argentina stamps already

A whole year without having to go to colonia will be pure heaven
Kiwis have had this for years, along with the irish and french.
I dont think they will care about all the stamps in your passport. I am guessing it will cost you around US$80 to get it processed, and you have to be in Aus, and apply to arg embassy there. Kiwi's are given 1000 per year, and i think the irish are given only 100.
I also dont think your visa is the same as ours, as the one you give argentines is the subclass 462 visa.. its not the same as the normal working holiday visa that poms/canadains/french etc get, they are more restrictive. so i am guessing the argentines will apply similar restrictions too, like the tourist visa fees the aussies charge argie's (US$100 i think it is) and the entry payment the aussies have to pay here..