Autoclásica 2009 - Antique cars exhibition


May 5, 2008
Exposición de autos antiguos en Buenos Aires: Autoclásica 2009

This Exposición de Autos Antiguas en San Isidro (Hipódromo) is a totally bitchin' auto show of immaculately maintained old cars is going on from Friday to Monday (Oct 9th - Oct 12th) at the Hipódromo de San Isidro.




The weather is a poco feo today and tomorrow, but Monday should be nice. Admission is AR$22, at least for big people and there are some discounts I believe. For more information, in Spanish, read below.

There are a lot of people still in the BsAs area with more money than they know what to do with and I'm extremely thankful for that. If what I watched today was correct (as well as if my Spanish comprehension was/is correct), several of these cars are going to participate in a Route 40 Road Race/Rally coming up soon.

It should be cool.

I sending this back up to the top because today is an amazing day.
Today is the last day of this event. It's a beautiful day, the grass has had about 27 hours to dry and it's a holiday.

Whether you go to this event or do something else, make sure you get outside.

suerte chicos
Thanks, it looked really nice! We intended going, even got in the car, drove one block, decided the weather was way too good to spend time in a car, drove back to the appartment, put on our shorts and sat in the sun all afternoon... How I love Argentine spring!!

We wish we'd seen your message sooner. :cool:
I took a bus. The 60. From near Facultad de Medicina. NEVER AGAIN will I take the 60 to San Isidro and get on near the Facu. It took about 45 minutes to an hour to get near the end of the Subte D line. Next time I will take the subte to the end and then catch a bus.

Also, I had to move seats about half way (or more) through the trip, because an old lady got on the bus and sat right in front of me. It was hot, stuffy, and the bus was a bit rickety and whatever embalming solution this lady was using so that she didn't decompose during the day was not helping to settle my stomach.

I was torn:

1) Should I continue to sit behind her, and when my stomach finally reached it's breaking point, just vomit all over her?


2) Should I move 5 rows back, to the other side of the bus, next to the back window, and hope that her stench was diluted by all of the open windows in between?

I chose #2 and didn't vomit at all. Major international diplomatic incident narrowly avoided. (It looks like I finally got some use out of that Government degree.)

As for the show...

I took about 120+ pictures. There were tons of old cars. (I know... shocking.) I really sped through it because I got there so late, but there was an area for old parts, there were some motorcycles & old cars for sale, there were those classic gas (petrol/NAFTA) pumps with the big glass crowns and all of the hoopla... it was pretty neat. If my mother were in town and could walk around the grounds, she would have loved it. I think my dad too. (They're both old, but they don't use embalming solutions yet.)

The highlight was standing next to a ~1920s Bentley (I think... I don't even know.) when they had the engine flaps open and they started it up. Seeing the pistons pumping and some spinny thing spinning was really cool. I could see me having been a grease monkey if I had been born in another time and around a dad who liked to work on cars. There was something for everybody.

I'll try to post a few pics today or tomorrow.

Doesn't the train to Tigre stop in San Isidro? (not that I know that the train (might be) better then the bus-I have no idea). Just interested.

I guessed we really missed something by not going, although the sun was espectaculàr! :D