Bad Experience with RentNBuy


Oct 19, 2006
I just returned from 4 months in Buenos Aires and wanted to alert users of my bad experience I had with
In short I rate them as an amateur organization that lacks the professionalism one would expect when paying their prices in Argentina. The longer version.
I signed a 2.5 month agreement with this rental company that promised a lot more than they delivered. They advertised more services for my apartment than were delivered and their customer service was lacking. At first I channeled my complaints about noise in the building through the company since they actually own the apartment and know the building owners. After 3 attempts of speaking with them I started going straight to the building manager and emailing RentNBuy after the fact so they could follow up on it. It took roughly 6 attempts to finally get the building managers to enforce their own rules, with minimal help from RentNBuy.
More importantly, I was told the apartment was ready to move into when in fact all the items promised were not in the building, such as, washer and dryer in the building, workout room, BBQ area, pool side furniture.... I was told these item would be there with in a week or two. After a month of waiting for these promised services and numerous noise complaints I asked to move apartments or get a refund on my remaining rent. Instead, I was offered 10 extra days after my lease at another apartment, which did not fit my travel schedule. And in the world of short term apartment rentals is a joke since people are usually only in a given city for the term of their short term apartment rental. I did receive a free bottle of wine and an apology note for all the inconvenience which is way short of just keeping promises.So be aware if going with this company. I dealt with Nancy and Sandra.Eric
Sounds like a real nasty experience man, I see that they've closed down their website so perhaps they've gone out of business or are planning to start over again under a different name