Banking between argentina and uSA


hello all,
Iam moving down there in a week for a job and want to figure out some banking issues. My company is going to get me an argentine account, but I still want to use my american credit card etc. How do I go about depositing money into a bank of america account from down there, I also have an ING online account. Does anyone have experience with transfering or wiring money, I know western union does, but they charge a high percentage. Thank you for your advice!!!


With all the hassle it entails for our employees we just took the decision to pay their salary directly into their US account...maybe your comany would agre to a 50/50 split otherwise expect headaches as getting money transferred into priovate accounts is a headache and out getting worse...


Get very good advice before doing anything. Remember the goverment will exchange dollars into pesos and back to dollars and you can't control it. Once you decide, try a small amount to transfer and see how much are taking out in fees and taxes. good luck!