Banking nightmare


Apr 28, 2014
My bank with whom I pay US$20 service charge a month to have an account with has been withholding a considerable amount of money from annulled flight and acommodation purchases made in Europe via Visa debit card months ago. You would think if it was just a straight annulment and the money is destined to go back to its source then simples right? So what the hell is going on? Anyone had a similar experience? Its really starting to feel sinister now. I'm not in the country now so I cant storm into a branch and unleash hell. Is there a regulating body I can direct this issue to and are they effective? If I need to get a lawyer any chance of success?
i have been waiting for months for bbva to process a small refund from a few months ago from mercadolibre for a returned purchase. ML claims it was sent to the bank and could take months to see the money back. i'm guessing it will never appear. it's annoying but i'm considering the money lost, i don't even want to try to deal with the bank to figure out what is going on.
The system is designed that way so small claims like are just forgotten about because clients dont feel they are worth pursuing and whatever happens they suck the interest off the money in the meantime. But in my case we are talking about alot of money and it just feels like theft. And an international bank franchise! This why Argentina is sh*t.
I honestly don't think there is anything you can do from abroad. If you were here, you could try calling the debit card issuer, or go to the bank in person and if it all failed send a carta documento and initiate a complaint via consumers defense.