beauty and the beast


Apr 27, 2009
Just a quick note to let you know that we went to 'La bella y la Bestia', the musical, and it was absolutely great!!!

The music, the actors, the costumes, it was great! Gaston the macho so in love with himself, Bella beautiful sweet and naive, and Lumiere -how I LOVE Lumiere!! The public was also great, there was applause in the middle of the scenes and in between scenes the actors had to wait until the people stopped clapping...

I don't know for how long it will be on, I got the tickets only this afternoon, so I am sure it is still possible to book. For me it was the best musical I have ever seen outside of broadway!

I hope you go too and enjoy it as much as we did!
I believe you. Yesterday I saw a special report, the musical will ONLY come if it was identical to the Broadway production.
The guy that plays Gaston lives with a good friend of mine, I'll pass this along to him :) I can't wait to go see it myself!
I agreed with all. I went on Saturday afternoon with my two daughters.
We got at 4 pm and got good location as Platea Vip Fila 21 a 24 for 5 pm function, but off course I bought on 21 line (160 pesos) but there were nobody on 20 line (it costs 180 pesos ) so my younger daughter went to 20 line jajaja.
As I checked. on Sunday at 14 hrs they sell the entrancess cheaper.
Do they ever have any cheap ticket lotteries? Like the day of the show if enough tickets haven't sold?