Been here for 2 years, new to the site;)


Nov 24, 2009
Hola fellow expats!! I am Mexican, American, originally from California and have been here for almost 2 years and loving it!! As many of you already know, finding decent work and pay here is quite the challege so I am proud and excited to annouce the recent launch of my own biz!!

L.A. Bronze is a Custom Airbrush Tanning Service and I myself am trained and certified Airbrush Technician through NTTI (National Tanning Tachnical Institute). The results are truly amazing, a combination of technique, high-tech equipment and a top of the line organic product. For those of you who are interested please check out my post in the services dept or check out my blog:

Like I said Ive been here for a minute now and happy to answer any new comer inquiries.

Best of luck with the business !

How much does it cost to do get airbrushed : ) ?
Thanks!! 75 pesos for a full body session!! I also offer a mobile tanning service for a bit more, depends on location. Chocolate sun and spa@equinox in LA charge US45+ for the same spray tan although my solution is better;))
Do we have to look like the girls on your site to get a tan? Can you go in the sun after you have tanned?
Everybody can tan!!! All body and skin types welcome. I have a few really white clients, one from Ireland, who were a bit skeptical at first, they wanted a light tan and for it to look natural, they looved the results!! You can see their comments on my blog..What I do is adjust the amount of solution with the air brush equipment. For those who want a deeper tan I can always do a second application. Even so it will NEVER come out orangy, streaky or miami tanorexic..the results are super natural and the product organic and amazing. can absolutely go in the sun after spray tanning but always use protection. Tanning is the skins natural defense to the sun, sometime people will think "well Im already tan so I dont need protection" WRONG always use SHP!!

The custom airbrush can complement really well with natutal tanning and sun bed tanning as well. Although with all the new research studies linking sunbeds to cancer, I personally advise to stay out of the tanning beds, especialy with new sunless tanning options that have gotten sooo much better recently with new technology and better high qualoty products;)