belgian girl needs advice about room rentals

Thx everybody helping least now I know I am not the only person in BA who's coming along this...
and Maraya...funny seeing you here again; you see, that's what happens when I move out of your apartment :).
Buen fin!!!
Just a few clarifications: a) it is legal in Argentina to sign a contract in any foreign currency; b) if the contracts states the price in a foreign currency, the creditor may refuse payment in any other currency; c) the creditor may also refuse to accept partial payments; d) whatever the contracts states is very important to establish if you have any legal way of paying in pesos.
The best advise is always to negotiate with the landlord. Good tenants are difficult to find and, as someone said before, your landlord could always go and buy dollars with the pesos you give him/her.
Good luck!
Dollars or the equivalent in pesos! which is the difference??? The ATMs of Itaú bank give you dollars from your US account (you have an US account?) and cost US$5 every US$100 you get.
Anyway, I have a studio in palermo,.. how many pesos you want to pay for a monthly stay?
okok,.. you are belgian. Try Itaú anyway, I always get us dollars from the one on Santa Fè and Aguero.