Best Carne Restaurants

I think the T bone steak at Don Julio is really fabulous and service etc also great. But, in order for the prices to be real you must use your Club de Nation card, 20% off the entire bill including the wine.


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I finally made it to Don Julio, and I was not particularly impressed.
Sure, the meat was good. But I have had equal or better quality at five or six other restaurants in town, usually for 2/3 or even 1/2 the price. It is extremely expensive, but not significantly higher quality than a bunch of other good parillas.
And, while they have a good asadero- they dont seem to have a chef.
Pretty much the only thing they have besides Asado is grilled zucchini and a couple of other veggies- and they are completely uninspired- when you get grilled vegetables in Italy, for example, they are grilled with herbs and maybe garlic, brushed with olive oil, salt and pepper. These are just plain- and as expensive as a good bife in another restaurant.

The competition, from places like Proper, for example, which serves a 1000gram bife for the same prices as Don Julio's 400gram version, and then, has an entire gourmet menu in addition, means Don Julio cant really just rest on its old laurels any more.

Plus, its about 75% clueless tourists.

It has this lost in time, 60s throwback attitude, but it didnt wow me, especially for the price.

I couldn’t agree more, but I’ll add one thing. We went to Don Julio last month and it was the first time in BA that I’ve felt totally rushed through a meal. Our bland grilled vegetables arrived even before the red wine (which was so warm we had to put the bottle on ice) and the steak came in record time as well. Unlike places like La Cabrera (which is equally touristy), there were no side dishes. It is meat on a plate. Even the chimichurri was forgetable. The desserts are uninspired, probably so you don’t linger, and no one asked about coffee. Our bill came without us asking for it...when does that happen in Argentina? We were out of there in under an hour and a half, a party of six, and none of us raved about any part of the meal. We passed an enormous crowd of Americans on the way out and I wanted to point them to El Pobre Luis, but they will just ruin that place as well. Don Julio was a nightmare to get into and not worth it at all. I will tip my hat to the sommelier though, who was excellent.
Well the Wine was served at Room Temperature ( "Chambreè" pour les Français ) which was then 35 degrees C?
The "Room Temperature" in France or temperature de la Cave , will never exceed say 18 degrees C ? comments?
I will suggest Again La Payuca Parrilla on Arenales , near Alto Palermo . excellent steak , great setting, never crowded for lunch, or dinner week days. A Good bife de chorizo 350 pesos . who wants a 600 grs steak?
They deliver and do take.out for $300 pesos..!!!
Well the Wine was served at Room Temperature ( "Chambreè" pour les Français ) which was then 35 degrees C?
The "Room Temperature" in France or temperature de la Cave , will never exceed say 18 degrees C ? comments?
"Room Temperature" is more confusing misnomer than anything meant to be taken literally. Ideally, reds are served slightly above cellar temperature (12-14C), and then enjoyed as they warm and open up during the course of the meal. Our guide is (roughly) as follows:

Big reds - 17-20 degrees C
Light reds - 12-17
Rich or aged whites - 10-14
Bright, youthful whites - 6-11
Sparkling (except for aged) - ice cold
Her recs were spot on though and not only the pricey stuff.
I had to laugh at that. Recommendations in Argentina are so difficult, with so many to choose from - Bordeaux, Burgundy, a nice Italian, Spanish...oh, wait.

But seriously, I know about the problem with temp at Don Julio and most other restaurants in Argentina, in the summertime, anyway. I remember being in a place in Santa Fe that had wine displayed above the grill! But it's good to hear she didn't just go for the upsell.