Best empanadas

Best Empanadas

  • La Querencia (Recoleta)

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • La Americana (Congresso)

    Votes: 1 11.1%
  • El Sanjuanino (Recoleta)

    Votes: 4 44.4%
  • Cumaná (Recoleta)

    Votes: 3 33.3%
  • Buen Agüero (Barrio Norte)

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • La Antigua Cocina (Villa Urquiza)

    Votes: 1 11.1%

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Jun 6, 2005
What place makes the best empanadas in the city?

La Querencia (Junín y Juncal)
La Americana (Av. Callao 83)
El Sanjuanino (Posadas 1515)
Cumaná (Rodríguez Peña 1149)
Buen Agüero (Agüero 2125)
La Antigua Cocina (Av. Monroe 4446)

Please, name your favorite places to be added to this poll.
What a great thread Igor. I love La Americana and believe they are the best empanadas here.
Buen Agüero - Delivery de Pizzas y Empanas en Buenos Aires

Dirección: Agüero 2125
Barrio: Barrio Norte
no: 4806-7772
None of the above!

The BEST I have ever had are far and above from La Antigua Cocina. They have a few locations in Zona Norte (Vicente Lopez, and I think Martinez) and I found their Villa Urquiza address online. These are MUST TRY empanadas. Expensive for empanadas, but quality ingredients, lomo, brie, etc etc

La Antigua Cocina Tel: 4547-0734 Dirección: Av. Monroe 4446 - Capital Federal Zonas de entrega: Villa Urquiza

If anyone knows if they have another location in Nunez or something please let me know!
Guys, gals true empanadas do not exist anymore, true empanadas were yesterday ones now all are made for home delivery in mass production machines type McDonals not the real thing.
Used to be a great place and was closed long time ago in the corner of Av. Cabildo and Monroe, Belgrano just oposite to Burgio another long standing and probably one of the only surviving shops in this business this one still there as it was funded in the 1930's same decoration (nil) and probably same owner (family) as well.
These were real empanadas deep fried (fritas, beef fill) or oven baked, deep fried were the best and the ones with more inbuild colesterol :) (good for you) but gosh they were delicius with full dripping fat and golden in colour big at least double in size than the actuals ones, the real thing. I don't know for sure if Burgio still made them as they were originally but if your have the oportunity to check it out please do and report back here so everyone knows they still around. Pity the other guys ceased to run the business long time ago in the 70's
These empanadas are history now.


Burgio's is on Av. Cabildo almost Av. Monroe corner, Barrio Belgrano.
Burgio's sound like the ones from Antigua Cocina, although I think the Antigua Cocina has gentrified their ingredients a bit... however I would still drive out of my way for theirs! They are huge as you say, most of them are open face, not folded over. I'm going to try some of Burgio's if you say they're so good! All I know is that the majority of the chains make terrible empanadas -- better to find a smaller outfit, or better yet, a Nonna to make you some! ;)
Oh I meant to ask Igor -- do you know, is Cumana owned by the same people as Las Cholas? I know that the owners of L.C. have another place but I can never remember the name. cheers
syngirl said:
........better to find a smaller outfit, or better yet, a Nonna to make you some! ;)

Exactly. The third-best empanadas in Buenos Aires are the ones I make from my girl-friend's grandmother's recipe; the second-best are the ones my girl-friend makes. Sadly her grandmother died many years ago so the best ones don't exist any more.;)
You have to taste the Bambi´s Empanadas. They are really good. Then after having this empanadas we can start to see where are the bests.
The web page of Bambi is: www.[B]bambirestaurante[/B]
Now is not ok the web page, well is in Colegiales neighborhood, in Freire and Virrey Aviles.