Best Internet service in BA?

I too have Fibertel 3 megas and I work with clients in China and the US on a daily basis using Skype. BUT i would not recommend them. Their speed and volume is never as advertised and I have had very spotty internet. Their customer service is very poor in my opinion. My service dropped to almost nothing and after calling them, they were not able to resolve the problem for almost half a month (they had to redo their main wire to the building if you can believe it!). Even afterwards, their speeds are very irregular, though they say it should be fine now.
I work with skype and iChat everyday with places in the US and Europe.
I've tried them all and the only one I that has cut it for more than a month or 2 is telecentro. I have the 3Mb plan which is the same as Fibertel's: 3Mb down and 256kb up. Fiberel was awful, the service would loose service at least once a week which was hurtign my business.

Definitly stay away from all of the DSL providers, Speedy, Arnet etc.

There are a couple of specialty providers that can give you faster upstream via wimax if you want to pay the extra price (between $400 and $700 AR/month if I remember correctly) When I was researching that was the only option for more than 256k upstream.

I hope this helps.
BIG THANKS to everyone

See, I am thisclose to getting a job which involves using iChat and Skype from Europe and the US as well, but my future employer will not confirm if I am hired unless he can trust the quality of my internet service....[...bitting my fingernails here...].

I DESPERATELY NEED AND WANT this job. Here's my speedtest...

I am in Palermo Chico, is there a forum member nearby to take the speedtest as well?

Any advice? And WHAT does PING mean????:confused:

....and also will those Aeroparque planes stop landing and taking off for God's sake!!!!! I am trying to get a job here!!!!!:mad:


I need everything to work, pleasepleaseplease!!!!:D:
Skype is dependant on many things, download/upload speeds, ping is another measurement of network performance. is a good set of free testing tools to see what your network performance is like. Select "ping" and put in say (yahoo spain) in the box , click GO to see what kind of response you get (lower is better).

I have found that Skype requires a good headset, with a boom mike to work well. Forget about using built in mic, speakers to talk..way too much background noise. And keep all other applications shutdown during Skype calls, to minimize problems.
Thank you thank you thank you. Got a good headset yesterday. Thanks for the ping clarification!
Nativexpat, just a few suggestions...

When you use speedtest you might want to pick a server in Europe so you get more realistic results from your connection from Palermo to Europe. If you pick to test against the Buenos Aires server (or any server in Argentina) you will be testing on the national network, which is *faster* than international connections. Since you're going to be working with Europe mainly, you want to test with servers there.

Your download speed is good. But video you *transmit* in iChat and Skype might be affected by your upload speed which is on the slow side. Unfortunately, looking at other speedtests, most internet providers in Argentina offer only slow upload speeds. But that may be sufficient enough. Insted of finding someone in Palermo to test with, try to find someone in Europe to test iChat and skype voice/video with. That ultimately will be the best test to your applications.

If the upload speed does becomes an issue, see if any of the local Internet providers offer a "business class" Internet service with better upload rates than their consumer products.

Ping can be used to measure latency on a network connection. The higher the number the slower the connection.

Good luck! ;)

ps: You'll often get better speeds if you eliminate WiFi and connect directly to the modem via Ethernet or USB. Common sense, but can make a big difference if your far away from your WiFi router or there is a lot of radio "noise" in your neighborhood.

nativexpat said:

I am in Palermo Chico, is there a forum member nearby to take the speedtest as well?
Thanks, 2Guys, I am so ignorant when it comes to technology.

And thanks for the good wishes! I really need those too!:)