Best Place to Change Money


Nov 18, 2008
I'm on my way out of Buenos Aires after many enjoyable months, and through some miscalculation, I find myself with quite a few leftover pesos. Does anyone have any recommendations about the best place the change those pesos back into American dollars?
I usually check out this site:
and go to the casa de cambio that offers the best rate.
A pretty trusty place is the exchange house Puente on Sarmiento 444.
Good luck!:)
Is there no one on this site who wants pesos?
It seems to me that anyone who wants pesos should get intouch, afterall why pay the spread?
Well, I of course would be willing to exchange my pesos to dollars with anyone on the site, but I would imagine it's rather unlikely that someone will have exactly the number of dollars that I need (or that I'll have exactly the number of pesos they need). I am trying to minimize the "cut" the exchange house takes out (hence this post), but I guess I'm willing to pay a little bit for convenience and security.