Best used bookstore in BA with large English selection?


Apr 24, 2008
I'm in Palermo, and am hoping for something a bit nearer than Walrus books, though it is a fantastic shelf.

Try the ferria on Santa fe, it is close to you and you can pick up English books at most of the kiosks.
I think that Walrus is on Estados Unidos in San Telmo close to the South American Explorers clubhouse. But I don't know for sure.
I do know that there are a few used book stores near there (EEUU b/n Bolivar y Peru) that have a decent selection of English books.
But there is also the Feria de Libros that is on that island between the two sides of Santa Fe up in Palermo between the Plaza Italia and Palermo exits on the Line D subte.
Not sure how close this is to you, but love the selection of books in English at Clasica y Moderna on Charcas. Staff is incredibly knowledgable and helpful.
Walrus (which has a nice selection) is in San Telmo, Estados Unidos 617.
The owners are quite nice and they buy back the books you buy when you have read them. It is not that far from Peru/Boliver/Catedral subte stops (they are all the same, more or less, on different lines).
There is a book market in Rivadavia Park (Acoyte station, line A).
Although most stands sell books in Spanish there are one or two selling English books. Quite good literature if you can find it!
My favorite book store is in an Argie style 'mall' They have a huge selection of English books. It is on the corner of Santa Fe and Pueyrredon. If you are on Santa Fe, you can just see it peeking out from the downstairs. It is on the same block as the Pueyrredon stop on the D line. The 'mall' has an antique shop out front, lots of 'Ferria Americanas' (Thrift stores), and a bunch of video game stores.