Bogota Colombia

I visit Bogota 3-4 times a year. I really enjoy it there.

Normally I am with friends or work associates and driven around town. As explained in the blog, it is hard to walk anywhere and some areas are still dangerous. The places you would want to walk to are very limited compared to Buenos Aires.

In general though, Bogota really has a reputation it no longer deserves.
lots of travelers have told me to skip it and go to the other major cities instead
I have been reading Tangospam and her reports of Bogota have been entertaining.

I'm enjoying her writings as well. Quite interesting..

I find this following site to have interesting & helpful info on Colombia:
My husband goes to Bogota several times a year, he is also driven around with the driver of the companies he visits (does not really walk around a lot). He loves the city (restaurants, people,...).
He says that only in the south of Colombia it is still dangerous.... I am planning to join him with the kids the next time he goes.
He says that only in the south of Colombia it is still dangerous.

Yeah, I've heard the east.

But the whole south & east of the country are the parts which are less populated.

For years it was said not to take the night buses due to robberies, even between the most popular runs, but I hear the situation has improved much.
He was also told not to drive from one city to another, but only use the plane...
He has brought me a book about nature in Colombia and I must say it is really tempting, it looks absolutely great!!
It seems like Colombia is a beautiful place to visit especially the district near Armenia sounds excellent.

Anyone been to Armenia, Manizales in the Quindio region of Colombia . I like to hear your reports.