Bolsonaro potential new president of Brazil serious implications


The Brazil I know, 80-90% of the populace has an IQ on par with sub Saharan Africa, instincts of violence/incest/bestiality/rape/etc and couldn't care less about anything in life besides naked women, licor & soccer . It's a country where votes get bought with soda pop & potato chips, and has cartels with enough soldiers to make Al Queda look small. Search it, PCC alone is 20K strong. And you claim the milicia doesn't exist... ok buddy sure...

This "Brazil" you speak of that has 70% of the population as an educated people, I'm not familiar with that one, it sounds quite nice though. The Brazil where I worked for years (in the northeast during the oil boom), it's in South America and is basically the standard definition of uncivilized, 3rd world shit hole. Anyway we're talking about 2 completely different places, there's obviously some confusion, we'll have to agree to disagree.


According to August stats, some 3500 Venezuelans arrive in Buenos Aires per month. The general consensus among some fellow business owners has been very positive, most literally hop off the plane and go straight to a job interview to seek work and have a job upon arriving in a matter of days.

Most of them don’t mind humbling themselves and accepting lower category jobs than what they had in Venezuela (IE: people who were engineers in Venezuela scrubbing floors here) so as to get their foot in the door and because of this magnificent work ethic it often times allows them to move up in the ranks.

This humbleness, strong work ethic, and just a general aura of gratitude, respect for their co workers and supervisors, and general professionalism, rather than the usual bitching and moaning of my Argentine peers, is lighting a fire under some Argy’s (‘no hay laburoooo’) butts.

It’s always a tough pill to swallow when there’s a brilliant new kid in town, isn’t it?


Most of the Brazilians I know are throwing themselves on the Bolsonaro bandwagon because he is the only candidate with a realistic chance and after so many years of corruption, they will do anything to avoid a Lula-picked candidate.

The demographics are also quite ample and transcend many socio-cultural demographics similiar to the Macri vote in 2015. Naturally the wealthy are voting for him, but he is also getting a large part of those living in Fabelas who are worried about safety and want better lives for their kids.

These people are not necessarily in love with the candidate, but agree with some of his argument and points, especially with the promise of controlling the violence and crime, and when asked about some of his extremely lewd, racist, homophobic, etc, remarks, they try to downplay these and/or justify them in some way which barely makes any sense and is like a stubborn child wanting to convince himself that Santa Claus exists.