Bolsonaro potential new president of Brazil serious implications


Most of the Brazilians I know are throwing themselves on the Bolsonaro bandwagon because he is the only candidate with a realistic chance and after so many years of corruption, they will do anything to avoid a Lula-picked candidate.

The demographics are also quite ample and transcend many socio-cultural demographics similiar to the Macri vote in 2015. Naturally the wealthy are voting for him, but he is also getting a large part of those living in Fabelas who are worried about safety and want better lives for their kids.

These people are not necessarily in love with the candidate, but agree with some of his argument and points, especially with the promise of controlling the violence and crime, and when asked about some of his extremely lewd, racist, homophobic, etc, remarks, they try to downplay these and/or justify them in some way which barely makes any sense and is like a stubborn child wanting to convince himself that Santa Claus exists.
so, like trump in the US ;)


Sort of, however voting is mandatory by law in Brazil, so in these elections, we will not have the ‘meh.... Hillary’s not exciting. I’ll just stay home.’ Effect that the elections in the US had.


Bolsonaro and Haddad confirmed for the run-off election on the 31st of this month. The voters will chose between being hit in the head with a baseball bat or a wrench. Brazil is polarized like never before. If anything, a dictatorship becomes impossible when a country faces such levels of extreme divisiveness.


He definitely seems like an interesting character. To compare him to trump is a bit disingenuous. This guy is on a whole other level and doesn't even believe in democracy.


He definitely seems like an interesting character. To compare him to trump is a bit disingenuous. This guy is on a whole other level and doesn't even believe in democracy.
If Trump knew what democracy means he wouldn't have believed in it either.:D
Who would invade Venezuela and why? Maybe if oil goes above $100 someone might invade. But until then I don't see it as a possibility.
Let's be realistic here. If Venezuela was invaded and taken over. NO ONE can do worst than what Chavez and his ilk have turned the country into. Proof positive of what happens when you start appropriating companies from foreign companies and cause people not to invest in the country or industries there.

Personally I think Venezuela getting invaded and taken over would be the best hope for the country and citizens.

What's happening in Brazil isn't too much different than what happened in the USA the last election. People are tired of career politicians and don't really care about what qualifications they have.

A real pity that Venezuelans have not only invaded Argentina but now crowd out native Argentines to suck welfare here. No problem, YOU pay for it.
While I have sympathy for Venezuelans it's a bit shocking just how many Venezuelans are in Buenos Aires now. I've seen them everywhere. And the scary thing is no matter how bad things get in Argentina, it will always be a paradise in every possible way vs. Argentina. So this could become problematic soon with locals possibly turning against them if too many come. You have already seen how nationalistic sentiment can turn in a country.

I do agree with Perry that most others from South America like Colombia, Peru, Venezuela are hard working people that don't take advantage of the labor laws like many Argentines do. I love Argentina and Porteños but I wouldn't say they are hard working compared to most of Latin America that has a good strong work ethic.

Most of them seem to be working to me. Is that not true? I have heard for a while that they can find jobs that some unemployed Argentines can't find and that they are good workers.
Yes, Stantucker. They are SO thankful to have a job. I've heard first hand of many almost working for "slave wages" in Argentina but compared to Venezuela it's a windfall. Many Argentines are lazy and many are taking jobs that most Argentines wouldn't take for the low salaries. So it seems to me business owners love them (restaurant owners, bar owners, beauty salons, etc) but locals could turn sentiment under certain circumstances of severe recession/depression.

It's like the USA. Most Mexicans aren't stealing jobs like many claim. I employ several Mexicans and they're amongst the hardest working people I've ever met. Most of them are taking jobs that Americans are too lazy to do. But still look how sentiment has turned with Trump. Many people will never admit it but they are going to be very nationalistic and against foreigners coming to live and work in their country.

I own an apartment in Rio and I haven't been there for many years. The biggest problem there is you have really crime ridden areas right next to really affluent areas and the poor don't fear the police and many police are on the take there. So although I have an entire floor apartment 1 block from the beach I never go there. I just rent it out on long term leases and don't really have an interest to go there.

I always laugh when people try to say Buenos Aires is "dangerous". It really is laughable. Sure there is some petty crime like people stealing cellphones but major crime is not common here. On the flip side in Rio, many of my neighbors and friends have been robbed. A few of my wealthy friends kidnapping attempt and several have bullet proof glass on their cars.
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