Sep 12, 2005
hi. i would like to start an english bookclub for ppl between the ages of 20 - 30 more or less. if anyone is interested email me on [email protected].
hope to hear from you soon!!!
Would be interested in activelly participating in a book club- would be able to do so only if it takes place outside ofice hours or on a weekend, though. Will be in touch. Kind regards,
hi, i was thinking we would meet in a bar in capital on sunday 16th april so we can all meet in a neutral environment and than decide what to do from there.
i will keep everyone updated.
first bookclub meeting for ppl aged 20 - 30. sunday 16th april @ 5pm. on florida street. at a coffee shop called AROMA. its number 900 and something. about 2 blocks from plaza san martin subte. i will be waiting outside with a pink scarf on. my name is sivan. hope to see you there!
I discovered this page just now... and if Im not too late, and if this turned out to be something, then I'd like to join, disregarding the fact that I dont really know what you do in a bookclub ;-) ... I just read a lot of books and I like to discuss them with my gf (she's from here, and that's why Im here), so I figured it probably would be interesting... Anyway.. I'll check back later, or you can email me at gcasper(AT)
Casper, from Denmark
"bjrutledge" said:
Just out of curiosity, why do you want to restrict the group to a certain age range? What's next --- book clubs for white people? book clubs for non-Jews? book clubs for heterosexuals? book clubs for people in a certain weight range (fatties need not apply)?
Something I've ben meaning to ask myself. Can someone aged 31 surreptitiously sneak in? Are IDs rigorously checked? Why this 20-30 constraint? Perhaps a dislike of overly erudite people? Perhaps there are motives other than discussing books? Some light flirtation? Perhaps the book serves merely as a pretext, or launching pad, for more serious -- and more intimate? -- discussions. Very intriguing indeed.