BORED...need activities!!!


Apr 20, 2010
I´m here for another month, which means I don´t really have enough time to find serious work etc. I don´t have a lot going on during the days, and would love to hear any ideas on stuff to do. I wouldn´t mind getting into volunteering, anyone know of good short term opportunities? Any feedback is appreciated, thanks! =)
You could volunteer to come round and clean my apartment?

How about an intensive Spanish class? The TEFL school offers a good one at a good price. 3 hours a day, 5 days per week. I really enjoyed the class that I took there in January - I learned a lot because it's a good class, but it also gave me some much-needed structure and purpose to my days. :)

Another idea would be to go hit up some of the nice destinations around town. Like the rose garden or the Japanese garden in Palermo; or the gorgeous Water Palace ( I hear the zoo in Lujan is worth the trip, too, or think about other daytrips, like Colonia?

Enjoy your time here!
I have no idea who you are/what you like, but I am one of those people who feels like there are always a million things to do, even when there's nothing I have to do, so here are some of the things I would like:
Go see the Steve Mc Murray exhibit (amazing photos) at the Borges Cultural Centre on Florida and Cordoba (Galeria Palacio), only costs 10 pesos
Yoga classes at Happy Sun Yoga
Try out a cafe a day and make a blog about cafés in Bs As
Join a gym
Hang out in a park and read a book
Serve food to the homeless (have heard there are soup kitchens here where you can volunteer, maybe someone else knows more about this?)
Learn how to make empanadas
Rollerblade/run/walk in Puerto Madero
See a football game
Buy basic art supplies (there's a decent store on Florida near Corrientes) and paint or do something crafty
I second Spanish classes, I have a wonderful teacher that comes to my place for 50 pesos per hour and a half
Get massages and anything else you enjoy that may be much more expensive at home
Would you be interested in walking some dogs in private shelters? This city has no government run shelters, just the street and train stations. However, there are a few small private shelters. I used to walk dogs in one that no longer exists. There is one not far from San Telmo that I could direct you to. Run by a bossy person, but just explain youd like to help out walking the dogs. The animals really like to get out.