bottle returns


I'm a little confused about the bottle returning policy at stores. I was told I could just return the bottle at the store I bought it at, but when I got there and said I would like to return some bottles, I was supposed to buy a new one. Then she said something about beer, and I became quite unclear about the protocol.
Am I only allowed to return beer bottles and wine bottles if I want to buy a new bottle of that variety? Is there a difference between returning beer bottles and bottles of wine?


When you buy a bottle of beer, you get a discount covering the value of the bottle when you return. That way you are only paying for the beer, not the bottle it comes in. Some places will give you a discount against your groceries - so if you return bottles, you get a token for each one which can be used against your shopping. They probably won't just give money for the bottles, although every place is different.

Usually you return bottles empty bottles of one type for the same type. So brown quilmes for more quilmes, green stella for more stella. Protocal seems to change from shop to shop, but you should always be able to get a discount against the same type of beer you a returning a bottle for.


As far as I know, the grocery stores only accept returns of the larger beer bottles (unless they are labeled non retornable). If you save the cash register receipt you can get a cash refund at the customer service counter. Most Disco supermarkets have A MACHINE WHICH WILL ACCEPT THE RETURNS AND GIVE YOU A TICKET for the "envases"! Then all you need to do is PRESENT THE TICKET AT THE CHECKOUT if you are buying more beer. Other stores will give you a ticket at the service counter. If you are buying more beer, you don't need the original receipt, just the bottles.

It is not necessary to buy the same brand of beer as the bottles you returned! The labels come off during the cleaning process and the bottle size is standardized. I've never seen anyone returning wine bottles.


Basic rules:
- As far as I remember only beer bottles are "retornable". A decade ago there still used to be Coca-Cola and other gaseosas in glass bottles but not anymore.
- You can buy beer on a "envase retornable", then you pay a deposit for your bottle unless you are returning your previously used bottle in the same act.
meaning you will have
- Or you can get it in an "envase no retornable", so you will pay a little dearer but then cannot return the bottle. Please recycle accordingly ;)