Brazilian Stones Bijoux


Dear Ladies:
Three years ago I have been helping and assisting Mrs. Chris Becker (Avery Denisson). She is alredy back in the States.
I would be very interested to contact you or some of the ladies I met when going out to different entertaiments.
I am now offering something very interesting and beautiful for ladies.
I have a little home business with Bijoux made os real stones from Brazil. They are really wonderful , with good prices and are made as "Artesanías".
Ladies can visit me or contact as well.
My name is Lidia Teriaszwili
Tel: 4746-1341
Cel: 154-4079051
Address: Gral. Arias 2146 - Punta Chica
I would greatly appreciate your helping me contact expats.
I don't really know whether Susan is still the person organising events for the ladies.
This is something new and in fashion
Real stones (turquesas, corales muranos, cristal de roca, etc.
Lidia Teriaszwili