Bridesmaid dresses


Mar 16, 2010
I have a wedding in the Florida Keys in October and need to find a place to buy a bridesmaid dress. I'm the maid of honor for my sister and she is letting me pick out my dress here. Anyone have any ideas of a place that may sell them? Any help would be super appreciated!!
You should take a trip to the wedding/quincinera district. I would define that as between Corrientes, and Lavalle; Purreydon, and Riobomba ish. Good luck!
Does she have any particular requests? There's a lot of much nicer dresses out there than the standard bridesmaid dresses. How much are you looking to spend? Usually as soon as "wedding" is attached to anything the price goes through the roof.

Las Oreiros has some really beautiful dresses that are well made and constructed (unusual here, a lot of "off the rack" dresses have barely any work put into them).

There's also Ciara that has a large variety of colors but the dresses don't have as much intricacy / work etc.

I find a lot of the bridesmaid dresses here are a little too "Prom circa 1993" -- you may end up wanting to avoid the wedding / bridesmaid stores and just look for a nice cocktail or evening dress instead.
No particular requests thankfully! I'm not a huge "wedding" girl so I'm looking for something laid back for the beach. I don't really have a budget but I'd like to keep it less than a couple hundred (US) dollars. And unless I'm going on a bar crawl, I like to keep the prom dress look back in high school!!

Thanks so much for the info!! I'm going to look on Friday!
Hmm for about 800 pesos it will be a bit more difficult if you're wanting something long, or if you want something a bit more dressy. But you might have some luck with some places still having summer dresses in stock.

Ciara on Gorriti usually has some things, and then if you pic up one of those shopping guides for Palermo you'll find a few more through there. There is another place called habia Una Vez that may have something in stock from the summer season.

Unfortunately I just threw out my list of places so I'll try and remember a few more.

One of my girlfriends got her wedding dress at Veronica Far for I think less than 2000 pesos, so you'd think that would mean that their other dresses would be really reasonable. Don't have the address but google it and you may find.

Para Ti online has a directory as well, and SaberaDondeIr has an online shopping guide.
Just went to Veronica Far... Fell in love!! Unfortunately they don't have any summer colors in anymore, but I'll definitely be going back in June to see what new stuff they have! I had to resist impulse buying a few things!!

Also, I'm going to w vestidos this weekend!! You all have been so helpful!!
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