Bringing mate to the US


Dec 4, 2009
Does anyone know if I'll have any trouble getting mate through customs when I return to the US?
As long as its a new bag & sealed, nope. I do it all the time. They make ask to look at it though.
Last August I brought back 3 extra large bags (sealed) into the US and even a couple of boxes of alfajores and they never questioned any of it. They seemed more concerned if I came in contact with any livestock while in Argentina.
I read the headline as you were bringing your "better half/ procreating partner" with you, not YERBA. ("mate" is the gourd)

I'm in Colonia right now where you can buy 5 kilo bags at the Ta-Ta supermarket at the "mall".

Suerte with your shwag.
You can buy Mate all over the U.S.A. just gotta do a little homework
You can find mate easily in the States, but OJO if you like the peperine o menta flavors you can get here as I do, which are not so easy to find. I have never looked online to see if you can order them. Finding a cheap gourd is not as easy as finding the tea.

Guayaki brand yerba mate is in organic/health specialities stores everywhere BUT it will cost you 10 dollars. The bag is small, and goes fast if you make mate the Argentine way, filling up the gourd.

But I went to the "international" grocery store, or the grocery store in the area of town with the most immigrants in Louisville where I am from, and found a bag twice the size or the standard size you buy in Argentine supermarkets for only 3 dollars!

There is always ordering online if you don't have a similar store near year. I hear there are several online companies in the US, though I don't know which to recommend to you.
Some Middle Eastern people drink mate (not sure which nationalities exactly, but I know Lebanese do, because I worked with a Lebanese man who likes mate), so it may make more sense to check out some Middle Eastern shops if you live in a large urban center.

Some health food stores carry it too, but it'll be the more expensive kinds like Guayaki.