BsAs Cost of Living

There are many apartments advertised in Las Cañitas with monthly expenses around 3 k. My cousin owns one in posh Chenault Boulevard - two bedrooms, 60 square meters overlooking the polo field, expensas: three thousand pesos a month. At 25 pesos per dollar, that is US$ 120 a month.
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Buses are 10.50 ARG pesos for most inner city distances, taxi off the street for 20 minute ride to AEP was 165 pesos, dinner for 3 at a neighborhood restaurant with 3 entrees, 1 glass of wine and 3 waters was $44 USA, dinner for 3 at a nice "fancy" restaurant "Teatriz" in Recoleta with 2 appetizers, 3 entrees, 3 bottles of water and a 375ml bottle of wine was $68 USA, lunch for 2 at the Malba was $700 pesos with a water and pot of tea, lunch for 2 on Nueve de julio was $775 pesos (we did order the most expensive "chivito" sandwiches on the menu) Train between Tigre and Retiro was 20 pesos. Cost to get into Malba museum 60 pesos.

Apt Expenses: water for a 114 square meter apartment: $1,400 pesos (every 2 months), $365 pesos for electricity (it's winter but our hot water is not included as it's part of the building's administration cost) Gas $142 pesos.