Buenos Aires: The PARIS of Latin America!


RWS said:
No longer so much as one might think. There are changes throughout the world, and most of those in the West are not for the better.
OK, nonetheless, I would still prefer to call the police in Paris if I was a victim of crime, as opposed to BA....


I imagine when the phrase was coined (oh so long ago), it was probably true. Today, I see very little similarity to Paris. But the phrase lives on. Now it's just one of those things people say without knowing why they say it.


tangobob said:
The biggest difference for me is: I can afford to buy a coffee in Buenos Aires.
The biggest difference for you is: you used to be able to afford to buy a coffee in Buenos Aires.

...now Sterling is becoming worthless and inflation continues its upward trend...


steveinbsas said:
. . . Its . . . a LOT more fun to be in Pairs than BA, but it's SO much more expensive.
Totalmente de acuerdo. Plus, the winters are milder in Bs.As.


I've never been to Paris, so I wouldn't know. When I lived in Spain, I was just naturally turned off by the prospect of having to deal with getting around in foreign countries where I would definitely be labeled as a foreigner. In Spain, most strangers I met couldn't tell I was American because I looked like everyone else. People I know who went to Paris have had interesting experiences. Like when my sister tried to speak French to people (she studied it in school for about six years), they would answer her in English. However, in the airport, nobody will speak English to you. Various people have told me horror stories about the airport there. I know there are lots of things to see in Paris, but I don't have any desire to go there, mainly because it's expensive, and I don't speak French or have any interest in France. So, in my opinion, Paris must be the Buenos Aires of Europe.