Buquebus to Montevideo -- reservations??


Hi all,

I am planning to head to Montevideo on Thursday with my partner, but we are still deciding which schedule we want to travel on.

We do want to take the direct ferry offered by Buquebus. (not the ferry to Colonia with bus to Montevideo package).

Do I need to worry about the ferry filling up? Do I need to make reservations on-line? Or can you just buy tickets the day of?



I would be wise to book a bit in advance, a quick call to Buquebus will tell you if the sailing you want is all booked. The direct 3 hr ferry is quite large and is usually ok during the week.
I have taken both many times and the Colonia/Bus to Mvdeo combo is only about 1/2 hour slower at about 2/3 the cost (~$354 vs $500 Pesos Arg return), so if $$ is a concern I'd take the semi-directo through Colonia.


i bought mine online the day before. it's pretty easy. then you just need to show up with your tickets printed, or else the Eticket number, and credit card. I used a non-argentine card with no problems.