Nov 25, 2008
Me and my boy friend started to use public bus. We heard that bus fee is 0.90pesos so we prepared monedas(coins) before we get on. It usually work fine, but several times, the machine didn't give me back 0.10 peso when I put 1.00 peso. It's a very small amount of money, but I wanted my change back for next time bus ride! My Espanol is very basic level, so all I did was looking at driver's face with hand gesture. He said something to me, but had no idea!

Today I had exact 0.90pesos and put all into machine, but the ticket didn't printed out and small screen was keeping showing 0.10 balance! A guy next to me said something like.."..mas diez..", so I quickly found one more 0.10peso coin and put. Finally my ticket printed out and it says 1.00peso! Huh!

Does anyone knows the reason? Are there 2 different buses_one charge 0.90, and another one charge 1.00?
Forgive me, "karen", as your English is quite . . . choppy, so I'm not altogether certain of your predicament beyond the common one these days, of shortages of coins. However, it may help you to know that, yes, 'bus fares can vary.
The fare does go up to one peso within Capital Federal over a certain distance - I don't know exactly how you know when this line has been crossed but I only ask for 1 peso if I'm taking a colectivo from nearly the start to the end over a long distance. Still the same thing happens to me sometimes, I ask for 0.90 and the driver enters it as 1 peso - it happened to guests of ours from overseas last night.
You have to tell the driver "Noventa." If you are taking a long trip, you should be putting in a full peso, or sometimes more, in case an inspector gets on and looks at the tickets.

But yeah, you have to specify to the driver when you are about to put your money in that you only need a ticket for "noventa."
If he hits the one peso button and you only want to pay .90, make him change it. It's not set in stone once he presses the button.
90 is the cheapest fare. Its not the standard fare, prices vary.
If you don't ask for a noventa the driver won't always assume thats what you want, and he might ask you where you are going. He controls what fare the machine asks for.

Not sure if thats the same of all buses, but it definitely applies to all the ones I use.

Golden rule with buses is make sure you have lots of change.