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This is not a vacation my friend ! I definitely there for 2 years and maybe ??? Love Kev
To stay here legally for 2 years you will need a DNI and for that you'll need, among other things a FBI report. Get it before you come and it will save you the hassle of getting it from here.

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does this restriction apply to rental cars as well?
E.g. is it possible to rent a car in BsAs and go on a trip which involves crossing the border with Chile?
Some rental agencies have vehicles with documentation to cross over to Chile. Almost All would require returning the car to the city rented in Argentina.

Spoke with Hertz Rental Argentina. 54 11 4815 6789 . they indicated that rentals can be driven to Chile, once one has a confirmed reservation code must submit for a Permiso to travel to Chile to: with readable scanned copies of.

  1. Valid drivers license
  2. Passport
  3. Reservation code
  4. Cost $3600 Arg. pesos.

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Border Crossing to Chile in Rental Car from Bariloche.

The crossing to Chile by car

Another advantage of renting a car in Bariloche is the convenience to incorporate the crossing to Chile. The border crossing Cardinal Antonio Samoré is one of the main crossings of the mountain range and remains open throughout the year. It is an opportunity to take a car ride along the routes of the neighboring country. The route from Bariloche to Puerto Montt is one of the most popular, driving through Osorno, Frutillar and Puerto Varas. If you have time available, Chiloé Island is a trip to a land of myths and legends.

With a background of ancient volcanoes and araucarias, the border crossing of Mamuil Malal, next to Junín de los Andes, invites you to visit Pucón, its national parks, hot springs and the Villarrica volcano as a witness. Pucón is a lakeside seaside resort, an ideal destination for the summer season. The return to Bariloche can be done through Valdivia and visit one of the oldest cities in Chile, with museums, markets, fairs and old castles that dot the landscape.

For any of these trips to Chile it is necessary that you request in Correntoso Rent a Car the permission to cross the border with your rental car. It is a simple procedure and without cost. You just have to request it and an advisor is in charge of the management. On the other hand, it is not necessary that you have an international driver's license, since the insurance has the same coverage as in Argentina.

The rental of a car expands your accommodation options and you can choose hostels or cabins further away from the center, even in the middle of silent and centenary forests. At any time of the year, Bariloche is a destination to marvel at the landscapes of Patagonia. Do not hesitate, Bariloche awaits you!

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