Buying a guitar in BA


Hi! I'm likely moving to BA in November for work.

I'm wondering if it's worth paying the expensive costs of getting a flight case and shipping my guitar over there or to sell it and buy a new one when I arrive.

What are the best places to buy a guitar in BA and are the prices reasonable?

Thanks in advance for any help :)


What sort of guitar? I brought my Tele over from the UK with the body in my carry-on and the neck in the hold. Instrument prices in the UK and Oz are more expensive than the US but way cheaper than Argentina. There's an instrument district centred on Sarmiento St in BsAs city but I guess it depends on what instruments you currently have and how personal they are to you.

PS For a song about a guitar shipped out to Argentina (yes, really!) check out Richard Shindell "Your guitar."


So my dreams of prowling the used guitar stores and finding an original Les Paul gathering dust forgotten in the back of some neglected shelf are not realistic?


Acoustic or electric? Screw on neck or glued. Put it this way - Argentines consider a nice Squier or Epiphone as you would a Fender or Les Paul due to the 3 times price difference.

In agreement with elhombresinnombre - if its an electric with screw on neck take it apart wrap the body and neck up in lots of towels and clothes and you'll be absolutely fine. A quality flight case and cost of carraige would be excessive.
I bought a guitar in BA, and seriously had to compromise because of the exorbitant cost.
Pros in Argentina use Squiers and Epiphones - which arent always bad guitars anyway.

D.B. Cooper

You'll want to check out Talcahuano Street between Sarmineto & Rivadavia. There are two or three music stores on every block.
All the major guitar brands are there, acoustic and electric. For sale or rentals. Talcahuano is walking distance from the obelisko.


I use to enjoy browsing music stores in BA. I've seen more than a few rare guitars too but the prices were way high as stated above.


Some people love their Epiphones...
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Gibson bought out the Epiphone company in the 1950s and moved the Epiphone production into their own factory so Lennon's guitar would have been built at 225 Parsons Street on the same line as Gibson's ES330. When they moved Epiphone production out of the USA they pitched it as a high quality budget brand and it's still a good buy today