Buying BsAs. Art


Dec 28, 2006
I have seen some excellent artwork, paintings in studios here in Palermo. I would like to buy some painting as they seem to be cheaper then in the U.S but every time I make inquires about price the price goes up higher then the price listed. They don't seem to care about making a sale when I point out the listed price only stffing me. I understand there are some excellent studios in San Telmo. Has any forigner had experience buying paintings here in BsAs? I am seriously concidering buying but I don't want to pay the gringo tax. Every time I open my mouth the prices go up substantantialy. Any suggestions about buying and paying the Argentine price,
How are you?
Did you visit Ruth Benzacar Gallery?
I like Fabio Kacero's style.
He is not expensive. I think he is the best.
I understand that there is to be an art fair here in BsAs this month. Does anybody know the details?
muchos abrazos, DQ
Why don't you go direct to the artist? go to a few low key private views - talk to a few people and visit their studios - and pay the price they ask - they are trying to make a living from painting which is incredibly hard.
If you go to a gallery they take 50-60% of the price asked and they are in SALES so they will want you to pay as much as possible.
I'm afraid your experience trying to buy art is not limited to art. Amricans and Europeans are expected to pay more for just about everything. The supermarket would charge them more if they could. Going direct to the artist is not likely to help as the artist will charge more too. Your best bet is to find what you like in galleries and then ask an Argentine friend to make the purchase at a later date. Sorry, that's the way it is here.
Thank much for the advise. Sergio you are right about my experience not being limited to just buying art. I get ripped off every day but my Spanish is not good enough to argue for a few pesos. I am though begining to learn how to argue, the experience is a good learning tool. Fishface you are absolutly right about buy from a gallery. I would never buy from a gallery in the U.S
What I have seen in some local galleries the prices are 1/3 to 1/2 the prices I have seen in the U.S. Is bargining practiced here?
Thanks loads for the advice.
The Expo-Artistas runs from Nov 23-27, 10-2100 hrs. I would like to go. It is at the Central Culturas, Borges. The problem is I don't know where that is at. Can somebody tell me how to get there.
Having lived in Silicon Vallley, Calif there are a lots of Vietnamese people and resturants, Vietnamese cusine being one of my favorite. Are there any Vietnamese resturants in BsAs if so where.
Have a sunny day weather permitting. DQ
I have been living in Buenos Aires for the past 18 months and I gained some experience buying art as I furnished my apartment. After a lot of
comparative shopping, I discovered that it IS possible to receive
a 20% discount (from a written price list), at one of the
biggest galleries in Buenos Aires when you tell them you live here. (Of
course it helps to speak at least a little Spanish.)

has impressed me most is that paintings by numerous Argentine artists
whose works can be found in the national museums are (in some cases) no
more expensive (and in my opinion much better) than works of some of
the leading contemporary artists. In either case, artworks here are substantially
cheaper than those in the US, yet they will probably increase in value
in the future, not only due to inflation, but also as they find
their way north to the US.

It is very important to know that
any works of art taken out of the country require written permission
from the Argentine government. The law was meant to keep "national
treasures" from leaving the country but applies to the cheapest drawing
or painting. Without the proper documents, which take at least ten
days to process, any objects of art (including the cheapest drawings
and paintings) will be confiscated by customs during the security check
at the airport. It is not possible to ship artworks by UPS, DHL, or
FedEx, either. ONLY a customs broker can ship works of art to other
countries and they can charge foreigners very high prices for this service.

Anyone interested in shopping for art (without any obligation) can contact me directly at [email protected].
I will be happy to meet for a coffee and go with you to the gallery
(near my apt in Recoleta) to be sure you are offered the "resident"
discount. I can also point out the artists whose works I personally
consider to be the "best investments" versus those that I consider a
bit "overpriced" in the first place. I enjoy sharing what I have
learned about Argentine art with fellow expats and visitors. I don't
work for any gallery or charge for my time or my opinions. This is essentially my
"social life" in Argentina and I welcome all inquiries.