Buying online at an american retailer with a local credit card


Nov 8, 2006
Has anybody of you gone through that experience? By local credit card, I mean any of those issued by local banks and I am NOT intending to place some six figure order at Neiman, Saks, Barneys, or some other high end retailer just some ordirnary purchase at the basic american retailer (say the Gaps, Jcrews and Bananas) but my credit card keeps being rejected but when living there I very much made my way with no problem, unless when I tried to buy a cell phone , and was rejected immediateley because I was not a resident, to put it in short terms I spent three months without a phone because verizon was going through a strike (yes first world countries also have strikes). Any suggestion welcomed.
thanks in advance.
first of all thanks for answering
I'm Argentina with a credit card issued by an argentine bank (Rio)(billing address Argentina)
I'm trying to get baby gifts at Baby Gap for nephews.
With a visa Credit Card issued by Rio Bank (Guess that belongs to Santander)
The issues comes when you have to enter the billing address of the credit card the only options of the states are american states from there on I can't go on, there are other baby stores more user friendly (for instance any of those listed on the blog will authorize to purchase) but they are more expensive
Thanks in advance.
The import duty is the killer! Having said that, this has been my experience.
1. Many US online retailers only mail item to US addresses. Their website will accept a international credit card as form of payment, but the mailing address must be within the states.2. Some retailers who will mail orders overseas have a mailing and handling fee to include customs and shipping, via DHL or Federal Express.The receipt of regular mail via Correo Argentino seems to have improved in the
last couple of years. I now receive holiday and birthday cards from the US
and Europe without a hitch.
For all of those that don't know about lanbox, I wouldn't fully recommend it but in absence of other way, will ship door to door from USA to Buenos Aires.
They will take care of taxes, duties, etc and charge you a shipping rate according to the weight of the merchandise (it's not the same obviously a petit bateau onesie than a handbag). You don't need to have a relative in USA , they have a warehouse in Doral, (a neighbourhood near MIami International Airport) which is NOT a PO box so that you can shop anywhere and have it delivered it there.
This said the customer service is not great! Once I waited for more than two months for the baby clothes to arrive. The big issue is that there is nobody who you can follow up with. But eventually things do arrive. It's just an issue of patience. But by all means it is better than Correo Argentino. But then the problem once again is that american retailers won't take credit cards issued by local banks