Calling All Expats In Salta


Apr 28, 2014
There are many of us who read and contribute to this site from beyond BA unfortunately we dont have the benefit of going to coffeechats and meeting face to face with fellow expatians. Its a hard life... For those that live in Salta (all 2 of us) I've just opened a coffeeshop a block away from the Migraciones in C. Maipu. A nice place with buena onda. Btw moderator et al this is not a shameless plug for my business... ok maybe just a little bit but we all need a bit of help from time to time, and just this once ... But genuinely it would be good to meet fellow expats and maybe provide a centralish meeting place because as far as I know no Salta 'group' exists. As well as the usual hot and cold drinks and breakfast/meriendas we have nice desserts, sandwiches made to order and dips and more. If you're a Salta expat drop by even if just for a coffee on the house, learn how to speak english again and maybe we can get a meeting group going be it here or in some other place.

We're at Espana 1651 and open Tuesday to Saturday between 07:30 - 1330 and 1630 - 20:30, Sundays between 09:30 and 13:30.

Hope to meet some fellow expats soon.
Hi ! I am thinking of getting there as a trip from BA and will definitely visit your place. Good luck.
And if anyone reading this might be interested in traveling with me, please let me know.
I'm considering Mendoza or Salta.
Hi and thanks. Definitely go to both cities. Each has its good and bad points.
I will be in Salta at some point next year for a stop. I'll definitely try to stop in if my memory allows.
We actually had a coffee chat in Salta once when we visited, with EdRooney. It's a cool city, I hope to visit it again next year.
Ah yes Edrooney was one of the Salta expats I remember. Havent seen a comment from him in a while.

All in all Salta is a good place for me but it depends what floats or sinks your boat.