Calling International


Sep 1, 2019
Hello, wanting to call someone in the U.S. but they do not have internet service on their Cell phone so I can't use 'Whatsapp' to connect to them. I also have AT&T but doesn't work here and their International Passport service is too expensive! I've asked a couple of local phone services here but said they don't offer a dedicated pre-paid International phone, (or maybe I didn't understand as my Spanish is limited). Any suggestions appreciated, thanks in advance.
UPDATE: A couple of days after I posted here I forgotten I had 'Skype' so tried it and perfect! Doesn't require the receiver having internet, and cheap! (Of course Skype to Skype would be free). Thanks for your responses!
Google Voice doesn’t require receiver to have internet, and is free.
google voice is free and you can use it just like calling from your cellphone like a normal call
For some reason Google Voice not working for me. I've signed-up and loaded my contacts but all that happens is buffering when I try to call someone. I'll do some more research on it; thanks...