Camping Store


Aug 29, 2008
Hi There,
Does anyone know of a good camping supply store. I am off to Patagonia for a few weeks and need some simple items. Montagne was recommended to me but that is mostly for apparel and I need some other gear. Iodine tablets, a new knife, bandanas, etc. I live in Palermo, but I would be willing to go anywhere in pursuit of this essential gear. Thanks.

I think that there is one sone salguero and santa fe. I kitted myself (and her indoors) with all sorts of woolie things last July. God it was cold.
There is a camping shop near Jufre and Juan B Justo which has a a statue of someone climbing a telegraph pole (a block from palermo soho) or otherwise there are lots around parana and Tucuman and Montevideo (barrio norte) - this seems to be the camping area next to where i used to live
Dave, there's a Columbia Sports store in the 4000 block of Libertador in La Lucila. I have not been inside but noticed they had hiking boots in the that's a good sign it's not all clothes It's on the left side of the street heading North.

Not for certain but my husbands says there's another one across the street in the same general area, don't know the name but I am sure the folks at Columbia could help you there.