Can obtaining hot water be a major problem?


Sep 15, 2009
We just moved into a house off Cordoba yesterday and I took a steaming hot shower after moving our bags from the hostel to our new place. However, hot water stopped coming in later that afternoon when one of my roommates tried to take a shower. Now its the next day, and we can't seem to get hot water!

Should I turn on the water for 20 minutes to see if it comes in? We sent a message to the landlord, but he's in France and his mother who worked the contract doesn't speak very much english. Is there something we need to turn on in our house, or should I just try it again a bit later?
Ditto on double-checking if it's lit (I called a plumber at my old apt multiple times before realizing he was just relighting the pilot:eek:)
Yeah -- I had to relight the pilot in mine as well a few days after arriving. The pilot light wouldn't stay on at first and only did so when after turning on the water (to activate the non-pilot flame).
There's been a lot of muck in the Metrogas lines lately, which is clogging the fuel lines and causing termotanques and calderas to shut down. If yours doesn't light immediately, you'll need to get a Gasista (most plumbers are gasistas as well as plomeros) to clean the lines and re-light it for you.