Can someone please tell me how to turn on this oven?

Another small comment - ovens with the sparker light better when closed, and you don't have to hold the gas dial in as long before the fire stays lit.

There is usually an open pipe that comes up from the burners through the bottom of the oven in front. If you are lighting with a sparker (not hand held, I mean built-in, turning the other dial to engage the sparker) you can look in there to see if the flame is actually lit.

If you are lighting with a match with the door open, that open pipe is the best place to light from - not from the broiler below (everything's open then and the gas can't concentrate or it concentrates in the oven with a lot of air mixing in - I blew open the front door of the oven once, with a nice little mushroom cloud of flame spilling out and up when lighting from below).

Stick a buring wooden match just into that open pipe on top while holding in the gas dial (usually turned at 90 degress to be able to push the dial in) and it should light quickly.
cool, i thought it was only me being stupid when it took me half an hour to figure out yesterday.
Infrequently, my husband will try lighting our oven. It takes many tries and lots of bad language - sometimes he is successful. I am afraid of our oven so we have almost given up on it (it is 3 years old) and I have joined the stovetop/microwave only cooking group. But, why are ovens so difficult to light? Does anyone have an oven that is less difficult to turn on.