Car rental?


Nov 6, 2008
Hola a todos!

Does anyone have any experience with this? A friend is coming to Bs As with me and wants to hire a car as a tourist - are there any particularly bad or good experiences anyone's had with renting a car in Argentina? And any ideas on prices?

Many thanks
Little late but I rent cars through Avis pretty regularly. No problems at all. It does (with all the insurances which I take) come out to be about $65 USD a day which isn't cheap. If you want to skip the insurances, it's much less but I have never been comfortable with that. They have a location right by 9 de Julio and I've had no problems at all. Good luck.
If you are staying actually in BsAs and planning to see the City, my advice would be do not bother.
OK the busses may be considered some sort of adventure, but the subte is cheap and easy during the daytime and the taxis are always easy to catch and cheap compared with almost any other city.
I have always considered myself a very confident driver, I have driven in Barcelona, Madrid, and Amsterdam (among others) but the thought of driving here scares the hell out of me.
I would suggest you spend a couple of days here before you decide to hire a car, and remember, it is not only the cost of hiring and insurance, if you are in the city, car parking is not cheap either.
Another vote for not renting a car while in the center of BA. No reason to, taxis are cheap and abundant. And as Tango B said, the driving is nutty.