Carniceria in Palermo? (soho?)

Any good carnicerias in Palermo Soho? I never lived in this neighborhood before. Lots of restaurants/bars but was wondering if there is a good carniceria here, and also if there are good small shops for buying high quality fruit, eggs, etc.; I'm not even sure there are good supermarkets nearby.
cross Juan B. Gusto - a small shop on the corner of Bonpland and Soler has the best organic produce brought in by producers on wednesdays and saturdays. Another producer there sells dairy products and some meat - the animals are fed natural, chemicals free food. And a few blocks down Bonpland there is Solidarity Market Bonpland, produce, dairy, meat, pretty much all the groceries you need, either organic or pesticide free.
There is a decent quality carniceria at the corner of Guemes and Darregueira, Armenian owners.