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I have always been very interested in food and nutrition. Off the top of my head some concepts that have been scientifically proved:

Too much meat cause oxidation ( ie it accelerates aging )

Some of the areas where people are the healthiest and live longest: Japan, Nordic countries, Mediterranean countries ( Spain, Italy, Greece ). When thinking about these countries what they have in common is that they eat a variety of vegetables, fruits, dairy, meats, fish, grains in small serving sizes and ingredients are of top quality ( they cook with the best and freshest they can find ).

Also, they human body is genetically prone to respond to food and nutrients in different yet relevant ways based on their DNA ( Asian babies and soy milk for example ).

Sleep, stress levels, activity, they all have an impact in the way food is assimilated by our bodies.

In short: I try to eat quality foods, cooked from scratch mainly, and watching portions. I do not count calories, or remove fats, etc. I try to exercise and sleep well. Overall I consider food and eating as a source of energy and well being, and not only a source of pleasure ( even though I indulge sometimes ). It is a constant work in progress, I am not obsessed however.
Nikad I like to answer you here . All these societies you have mentioned ate most of their diet in meat products historically
Greeks until recently lived on eating goats. lambs , eggs, and a lot of milk products . Most greek people in small villages ate vegetables as maybe 20% of their diet . The main component of their diet was animals and dairy products. In my mothers village most people lived to at least 90 and 100 was common . Their diet was mainly goats milk yoghurt, eggs, goat chicken and sheep meat, some vegetables , and a little fruit in season . The foods from their village were organic and served fresh this makes a difference. Always the main component of all meals was protein unless poor and did not have animals . This was very rare up to 30 years ago . The only time that the villagers did not eat meat was when then fasted for the orthodox faith but always the fast was broken with chicken soup and to give sustenance to the human body . Vegetables do not sustain human development as they are lacking in many vitamins and minerals . When I was a vegetarian it affected my health very badly and I had little energy and constant health problems . This is a very common problem especially for vegans who are on this diet for many years .

Nowadays Greeks have appallling health and are the fattest in Europe due to the modern diet of junk food , high carbs , and less meat .
Historical records have proven that in greek villages people lived to 100 years and more due to their high protein diet .
Peoples life spans in Greece have gone down due to their now poor diet . Many people in Greece cannot afford meat so eat junk food consisting of rice and beans which do not supply the human body with complete proteins

The Japanese also eat a tremendous amount of protein including the worlds highest consumption of eggs and fish .They live in very good health and are amongst the slimmest people in the world inspite of their high consumption of animal fats .

The Nordic diet also until recently less than a few generations were hunter gatherers living on reindeer, fish and dairy products . They were the picture of health on this diet but now like most societies have succumbed to the modern diet and its myriad of health problems .

The societies that eat the highest meat consumption per capita have the longest life span . Hong Kongers eat more meat per capita than any society on the planet and have the longest life expectancy . Second is Japan (the highest consumers of eggs and seafood in the world) . Meat , fish ,and eggs in their natural form are the best foods for man .

Weston Price one of United States most respected dentists and anthropogists proved on his numerous studies on indigenous people that meat eaters had the best health and no signs of dental disease. Eating meat products and organs supply the body with all essential nutrients that build up your bones and supply the human body with all its nutrients.

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