Changing Dollars


Apr 17, 2009
Can anyone recommend a good place to change dollars for pesos is small amounts ($500 or less at a time)? I don't have any local bank accounts and want to be able to change a few hundred dollars once a week or so at a good rate.

Most any bank will do this for you, w/ proper id ie. passport There are tons of cambios downtown on Av San Martin that will change for you , again w/ proper id.
Thanks Neil. I guess I'm more looking for specific recommendations of places that charge the lowest fees/ give the best rates.
there's one on scalabrini ortiz after guemes as you're walking away from santa commission and they always seem to give me the same rate i see on
steveinba said:
ReemsterCARP, any specific bank/cambio that is the best deal? Thanks.

Wouldn't be able to tell you that as the rates change daily and I never visited any casa de cambio more than once :). Oh, and I moved to Caracas :p
I am curious as to why any cambio would offer lower rates than the posted daily exchange rate?
That is, what could possibly be in it for a bank, or a private money changer, to offer "good rates" that were any different from what everybody else is offering?

Do they lose money on every transaction, but make it up in volume?:D
I would recommend either the Banco de Nacion or Banco Cuidad de Buenos Aires as the best banks to get a good rate of exchange, certainly with regard to Euro's, and I know that dollars are well received too...